Stephanie Wiscott

Stephanie Wiscott

Health and Wellness Coach

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Do you often wonder:

Why you haven’t hit your goals yet?

Why you can’t lose the weight? Why there isn’t more time in the day?

Or why you are so tired?

I’ve been there and it’s not a great place. I am Stephanie Wiscott, a wife, mother of three, and full time worker (as most women are). But I still wanted more! I wanted to feel like my children- full of energy and enjoying all the little things. It always amazed me watching my children examine the littlest things, like rocks in a dirt path. They would notice things that I didn’t, probably because I was too busy worrying about the next thing we had to do, or the dinner I had to cook.

But like I said I wanted more, or less really. I want to enjoy life again like my children do. I wanted to manage my time better and feel amazing each day. I also knew I was set on this Earth to make a difference. I was destine to help others!

That’s when I decided I want to become a Health and wellness Coach. I have always loved being in the kitchen and was fascinated with how food made the body feel. I am also in love with nature and all that the earth has to offer - through healing with essential oils and food.

My goal is now to help mamas Live simple, live natural, and living life to its fullest! Together we find that Best Version of Yourself!

and show our children how to do the same..


What They Are Saying

Scheduling our 1:1 sessions meant scheduling some me time. Time that I had for myself every week. Each session gave me a chance, as a busy mom, a working mom, to reflect and pay attention to myself.
— Veronica
One thing I really liked about our 1-1 sessions were the small goals that were set each week, I didn’t feel pressured that my goal wasn’t attainable, and I liked how Stephanie asked questions about me (which I think I forgot about myself because of my kids) made me self examine myself and I learned that it’s OK to say no, taking time for myself is important!
— Concetta
I would like to finally say thank you Stephanie for the Detox we did on April. It really put me in the right frame of mind and body to continue on my quest to find me again. I have now lost 11 lbs and still counting. I feel real good about myself, have a lot more energy and eating better again.
Thank you so very much for all the help and listening.
— Barbara