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It's October already and it's finally starting to feel like fall, well winter really.  But none the less, it's getting colder.  This time of year I love to get a list together of all the books I am looking forward to read and start burrowing my nose in a good story. 

Confession: I am an obsessive person when it comes to studying.  When I want to learn about something, I check out every book on that particular topic and read and read until I exhausted myself.  I know, I'm a little crazy.

Even though I am a little crazy, I am proud that I am a lifelong learner.  This is something I also want to instill in my children.  I want them to be good readers and be confident to explore books to get the answers they need.  I also want them to be able to dive into a book and escape reality for a little while, or cry over a really good story that builds character in themselves.  

As a teacher in the younger grades, I also saw the impact on students that enjoyed reading.  These students would often tell me that they enjoyed reading because mom and dad read to them.  And as a mom, I think it is important for my children to see me read.  Jake and I are their role models, if we like it or not.

So this week I really wanted to inspire you to grab a book you have been longing to read and STOP putting it off!  I have three kiddos under 5, no excuses.  You can get off your phone, tv whatever for 30 mins. or if you really struggle for time, get an audio book and listen to a good story. 

If you are struggling for a good read, grab one from the list below to get you started.  Also, please let me know if you have one I should read. 


Revisit the Classics

  • The Great Gatsby by R. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Little House Series by Laura Ingalls (Great read aloud for young girls)


  • The World is Our Classroom by Cindy Ross

  • The Mindful Child by Susan Greenland

Food/ diet

  • Food Rules: a doctor's guide to healthy eating by Dr. Catherine Shanahen


  • Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba

  • 7 by Jen Hatmaker

  • Essentialism by Greg McKenown

Let me know what you think of these books.  I love hearing from you!

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