Boost Your Immune System


 Leaves are falling, softly falling, tumbling to the ground.  Red and orange, brown and green floating to the ground. 


The changing of colors is something to be watching.  I hope you are taking lots of opportunities to stop and appreciate all the beautiful colors the trees have to offer this time of year.  


As beautiful as this time of year is, we are also headed for cold season.  As we are forced to be inside more, we are also being confined with nasty germs.  So we have to start preparing for this season now to keep our immune systems up and keep us feeling great.  


This is easier than you think and I’m going to give you some helpful tips right now: 


  1. Keep moving - exercise and moving is important to keep your heart healthy and system right.  Add additional benefits by moving outside and take in the fresh air. 

  2. Drink water - water will help your body to naturally detoxify on a daily bases.  

  3. Eat vitamin C - yes there is vitamin C supplements but it is so much better to eat the real thing. Eating in season will also help your body to adjust into the upcoming season. Some vitamin C foods include sweet potatoes, kale, broccoli, kiwi, oranges, Brussels sprouts, lemons, cauliflower and peas. 

  4. Soups - just like your mama feed you! Real chicken broth or bone broth has amazing healing properties.  Bone broths are full of nutrients and vitamins that will restore your immune system and keep you ready to take on this cold season.

  5. Essential oils - doTERRA’s OnGuard is an amazing blend to boost the immune system and it smells SO good.  For the kiddos, I dilute OnGuard in a roller ball, 5 drops of EO and coconut oil in a 10 ml roller ball, and apply it to their feet every night before bed.  We will often diffuse OnGuard around the house as well. 


It as been an amazing season for me as a health and wellness coach.  I am enjoying helping you and other women to get to the Best Version of Yourself.  And I would love to continue to support you through Tuesday Tips on social media and my weekly emails.  I will also be adding content to my website in a blog, so check that out.  And of course my events this winter will be increasing as we look forward to getting out of our homes and socializing with each other.  Pottery and essential oils, Children’s Yoga and Mommy and Me yoga are on the schedule now. 


But I also need your help.  I am looking for reviews and statements from you that I can use on my website and social media to get the word out about my online course, the cookbook, the detox and all the other content I have to offer.  With your emailed review or a social media shout out (tag me with a review) I would love to offer you a FREE OnGuard roller ball.  Word of mouth is how I grow my following and in turn can help more women. 

Thank you for your support and keep on moving forward.  You are a Rock Star  

Stephanie WiscottComment