Cut the Cravings

Happy Day Light Savings!  I hope you are enjoying the extra hour gained today.  It will be nice to wake up in the light again.  Day light savings always reminds me that the holidays are coming and I gets me so excited!! 

As the holidays are coming near and we are gifted sweets and “junk” really, we are so tempted to just indulge.  I’ve done it so many times.  Halloween candy, alcohol, thanksgiving dinner, sad movie and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, etc.  Yea I’ve done it and a few years ago I never really thought about how I really felt after.  I knew society told me these things were not good to over indulge in but I did it anyway because it felt good while I was doing it.  Yes, I understood that too much alcohol gave me a headache and made me want to lay in bed the whole next day, by the ice cream?  I never put two and two together that those nights I never slept as good. 

No, it’s fun to laugh about how you were “bad” and ate the whole pint or forgot about the last hour of the night.  We tell each other all the time that it’s okay to do every once in a while.  And to be honest I think it is, sometimes you just need to be bad and indulge so you can get back up again and be really strong.  

I think it’s just part of life.  We can’t be on a high everyday all day.  We are all sinners and we mess up.  Let’s face it but we don’t need to make it a pattern.  We need strategies that will help us throughout the day so everyday doesn’t turn out to be a terrible day of indulgence. 

My favorite little trick to have is saying “How will this serve me?”  This little saying can be used in so many avenues in your life.  Before you eat a candy bar - how will this serve me?

Before you drink another shot - how will this serve me?

Laying in bed all day - how will this serve me?

On the possible side:

Going for a run - how will this serve me?

Having lunch with a friend and cleaning your schedule- how will this serve me?

Waking up early - how will this serve me?

I’m sure you get it now.  When you give thoughts and intentions to the things we do, they become so much more meaningful!  "If I go for a run, I will feel so energized and I will be more productive. I will also lose the weight I am trying to lose.  Hell yea I’m going to go for a run now!!" That so much more powerful than just, “I have to run because I said I would” blah blah.  We need intention in our life to keep us going on the road we want to go on. 

You are reading this because you want to start becoming the Best Version of Yourself so I know that this will resilience with you.  This is a powerful little saying that I keep with me all day long and I teach more about this in my Be Free online course.  If you still haven’t signed up for Be Free jump on over.  The women enrolled are loving it!! And making really great moves to bettering themselves.  

Hold on to these little tips and keep moving forward.  You have a gift and the world needs to see it!

Lots of love and appreciate. Happy November