Fall Cleanse


Fall is finally here!!  I am loving this cooler weather and I am so excited to start dressing like fall.  Get the boots out!

Every spring and fall I take some time to cleanse my body of the toxins.  I've been holding out until it feels like fall so I can really be dedicated to a full cleanse.  So now is the time. 

It is important to take time to reset the body with a cleanse.  We breathe in so many toxins on a daily basis, as well as consume them when we are not eating clean.  And I won't even get started on how stress holds toxins in your body, it's nasty!!

God did create our body to naturally detoxify our systems by breathing, going to the bathroom, sweating, etc. but sometimes our bodies are in overload and it needs a break to really detox.  This is why I set two times a year to give my body a rest and support it in detoxification.

I will be stating my 14-day reset program on Tuesday and I would love to have you join me.  Before you get scared, it's not 14 days of no eating.  That would be terrible!  No, my reset is 2 days of preparation (getting the foods you need, getting in the right mindset, and setting yourself up for success).  The next 7 days are eating an elimination diet.  We eat up to 6 times a day really clean, beautiful foods.  And to wrap up the reset, we slowly introduce high allergenic foods to see how our bodies react to these foods.  This phase is amazing because you really get to know your body and what feels good and not so good in your system. 

Every time I do this cleanse I feel so empowered.  I get my head back on track and I am ready to take on the world.  I am not feeling so fantastic now with a zip on my chin and a feeling a little bloated.  So I guess it's the perfect time to start.  Will you join me?

If you are interested in joining the 14-day reset, head over to the website and download your information packet now.  I will also give you two 30-min coaching calls to support you on this reset, plus you will be added to our Facebook group where others will be supporting you as well. 

Okay, so I also really need the support as we go along, so I want to sweeten the deal. Sign up this week with a friend and I will gift you my Natura Chick Cookbook for FREE!

If you are not interested in the whole program that is fine too.  You can still do your own cleanse by following these simple steps:

1. Up your water intake - you should be drinking 60oz to  67% of your body weight in water every day. (consult your doctor before consuming large amounts of water if you have health issues)

2. Add lemon to your water to rid toxins.

3. Eat a clean diet, foods that come from nature and no preservatives!

4. Get rest! When we sleep our body naturally detoxifies itself. 

5. Get a massage.  By releasing stress, you will be ridding toxins that stress holds in your system.  So treat yourself!  Everyone will be happy you did ;-)

Let me know if you are detoxing in any way this fall.  I would love to support you either way.

Happy Fall and God Bless

Stephanie WiscottComment