Earth Day Recipes

Earth Day is April 22, which is next week already.  Part of my mission with Be Free is to live naturally, if we don't protect the Earth than we can't live naturally.  So this week I wanted to give you some recipes that will help protect the earth and some ways to go more towards zero waste. 

I love this topic because it will help you in so many ways.  When you are moving closer to becoming the Best Version of Yourself and eating clean you will have begun to make more of your own food in order to remove toxins from your body.  But the added bonus is that when you are making your own food, you are also wasting less.  Just think about it, when you make cookies you save from having the trash from the cookie container you would have bought from the store.  (Plus the eggs shells are great for the compose) Or when you make your own almond milk you will be saving the container the milk comes in plus the container your almond flour comes in.  It may not seem like a big deal, one plastic bag, but if everyone did this it could add up to millions. 

I love reading the Little House on the Prairie with the girls books for several reasons. But one in particular is the fact that they make everything and they have no waste.  They use everything or reuse it.  We have come so far from that over the years, and with Earth Day next week, I encourage you to try one task that will bring you towards zero waste to help maintain our beautiful planet. 

Here is some recipes to try Almond Milk and Flour and Homemade Tortilla

Stephanie Wiscott