Cutting the Cravings

Tis' the season for pina coladas, burgers and long work days.  But let's be honest, food is always on our mind and stress is everywhere.  Why am I connecting these two topics?  They are more closely related than you think.

I've been in workshop mode this summer, giving workshops about Cutting the Cravings, Living Simple, Living Natural and Living Life to its Fullest in my Be Free workshop, and essential oils.  Along with summer camps, I'm tired and a little stressed.  I can also admit I am an emotional eater, and sometimes when I'm overwhelmed, it's easier to eat my stress away than deal with it.  But, I am grateful for my workshops of all the tips on how to REALLY deal with stress.  Sometimes I need me to give myself a kick in a the ass and the wake up call (yes, even I need my touch love coaching).

Do you also feel this way? Both stressed and not eating the best. But, can you not figure out how to break the cycle?

If you are feeling this way, join me July 31 at 6pm. I will be talking about Cutting the Cravings at the Shore Family Success Center - 1046 (B) Route 47 Rio Grande, NJ 08242, to get all the info (It's a FREE event). But if you can't, I still want to leave you with a little bit of help to get you started. 

There are 3 key components in really cutting the cravings and start feeling your best.  

1. Having the Right System - The 14-Day Reset is one of my favorite ways to really kick your butt back into eating right. 

2. Having the Right Support - Grab a friend, your spouse, co-worker, coach, someone that will tell you are doing a great job.

3. Having the Right Accountability - Someone to call you out on your mistakes (touch love style)

Having these 3 key components is needed to make a true transformation.  You are worth the change and no matter how busy you are, the longer you wait to make the change, the harder it is to change.  Stop wasting time and make your health a priority. 

I am always here for you, you just have to ask.
Lots of Love,

Stephanie Wiscott