Deeply Rooted

Learning Center

Mission Statement

Deeply Rooted is a learning center providing a supportive, social, and enriching academic environment for our member families. Our goal is to create a community that respects a child’s curiosity, imagination and love for learning. We yearn to elevate childhood. We are dedicated to equipping and encouraging homeschooling families. For students, we have classes, field-trips, co-ops, an enrichment program, and tutoring. For parents, we have classes, workshops,  fellowship, and resources. We welcome and provide a space for professional teachers, parents, anyone who has a passion and wants to share it with others! Deeply Rooted seeks to provide a space that enhances learning, provokes wonder, and builds community.



Unlock all the benefits of Deeply Rooted by becoming a member. Family memberships gain access to:

  • Rental of games and materials

  • Classes - 10% off

  • Workshops - 10% off

  • Field trips

  • Co-ops

  • Socials

  • Nature Club

Enrichment Class

Your child will be engaged in topics you may not cover at home. Lead by certified teachers, Stephanie Wiscott and Sarah Pron, they will introduce a topic, the children will explore the topic through a variety of books and materials in order to create a presentation to explain what they learned. The children will learn to work with others, to apply themselves in a group setting, use their creative skills and talents, and practice public speaking in a small setting.

Field Trips

Every month we will be taking an educational trip. Each month will be different, but we will meet together and travel by bus. The benefits with going as a group is to create friendships as well as benefit from group rates and tour guides.


Certified Teachers will be offering tutoring sessions throughout the year to support children with every subject. Check the calendar for dates and times.

Children’s Classes

Deeply Rooted has a variety of classes to offer to your children from learning to sew, logos, to business. Check the calendar for all class details.

Adult Workshops

Deeply Rooted also offers a variety of adult workshops from health and wellness to bee keeping. Check the calendar for all class details.

Become a Teacher at Deeply Rooted

We do not hire teachers at Deeply Rooted, rather we provide a space for you to teach. We are looking for individuals that are passionate about a topic and are willing to share it with others. As teachers, you set the parameters, how many students, the cost, day and time. Simply fill out the application below and we will review it.