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Ready to become the Best Version of Yourself?


Back to Natural

14-day Reset

Don't know where to start?

This reset is the perfect place!

The Earth gives us everything we need. We just need to get back to our roots.

This reset is a pathway to release toxins and excess bloat from your tissues, reset your digestive system and renew your baseline of wellbeing. You will learn how food affects the way you feel, how to attune to your body's unique needs and activate your natural potential. 

Investment: $99 (includes 2x 30 min coaching calls) 

* Be free *

online course

Want to live a simpler life?

Want to live life more naturally?

Want to live life to your full potential?

In just 9 lessons, we will create a life that is simple and natural so you have the time and the ability to give back to yourself like never before. You will truly be the 'Best Version of You'.

This program also includes: handouts, videos and interviews with doctors and coaches.

Investment: $197


Transformational Coaching

1-1 coaching

Transformation starts with the Right System, the Right Support and the Right Accountablility. Through 1-1 coaching, I can give you the tough love support and accountability with our 1 hour phone conversations to get you to the perfect system - just for you. Let’s chat first with a Clarity Call and make sure we are a good fit for each other.


What they are Saying

Scheduling our 1:1 sessions meant scheduling some me time. Time that I had for myself every week. Each session gave me a chance, as a busy mom, a working mom, to reflect and pay attention to myself.”

“One thing I really liked about our 1-1 sessions were the small goals that were set each week, I didn’t feel pressured that my goal wasn’t attainable, and I liked how Stephanie asked questions about me (which I think I forgot about myself because of my kids) made me self examine myself and I learned that it’s OK to say no, taking time for myself is important!”

“I would like to finally say thank you Stephanie for the Detox we did in April. It really put me in the right frame of mind and body to continue on my quest to find me again. I have now lost 11 lbs and still counting. I feel real good about myself, have a lot more energy and eating better again.
Thank you so very much for all the help and listening.”

Before Be Free, it felt like my life was running me, instead of the other way around. As a working mom with two small kids, I had gradually fallen into bad habits that were contributing towards disorganization and unhealthy patterns in my life. I was desperately ready for a change, but it felt overwhelming to know where to begin. With Be Free, Stephanie has offered simple, practical, bite-sized steps to begin to experience freedom in living more simply and naturally. The freedom to go at my own pace and take my time in applying each lesson has given way to gradual, lasting change in habits. My family is all happier as we are experiencing less stress and greater wellness as we take steps towards living life to the fullest. I would definitely recommend Be Free for anyone who is longing to take their life back and begin living in freedom.
- Gina
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10% of every dollar goes to